Adrian Peterson is an American professional football running back. He has an estimated net amount of one million and an annual income of $2 million. 

Adrian Peterson's Net Worth 

After excelling in his football time at the University of Oklahoma, Peterson was signed to the Minnesota Vikings in 2007. Minnesota Vikings in 2007.

He quickly demonstrated his talent by setting the record for the most running yards in a single game.                               .

He also won the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Award of the Year.Adrian later racked up greater than 3000 yards in his initial two seasons.

He won his NFL MVP Award after reaching 8000 running yards. By 2013, he had reached 10,000 rushing yards.                      .

He was also the first running back to be the oldest ever to be a running back in NFL history, to earn All-Pro All-Star honors on the first team at the age of 30. 

Throughout the entire 2020 NFL year, Adrian Peterson earned more than $100 million in NFL salary by himself. This is higher than the average running back in the history of football. 

In 2007 He signed a five-year 40-million-dollar contract with the Vikings that would pay an average annual pay of $8.5 million. 

In 2011 He signed a six-year contract worth $86 million. It provided an annual average income in the range of $14.4 million.

In 2015 He signed a three-year agreement worth $42 million for the Vikings. For 2018, the average annual salary for the Redskins was barely over $1 million. 

In 2021, he was selling an additional house within Texas at $5.3 million. The house is located in Houston, and Peterson originally bought the property for $3.4375 million in 2016.