Andy Ruiz's net worth and salary and purse Andy Ruiz Jr. is an American professional boxer with a net worth of 10 million dollars.

Andy Ruiz's Net Worth

Andy first gained the world stage in June 2019 when he defeated the highly popular Anthony Joshua. He made $7 million from the win. 

In winning, he made history as the only boxer from a Mexican family to win an international heavyweight championship.

Andy Ruiz Jr. was born in Imperial, California, in September 199. He was a heavyweight and had an amateur record of 105-5. Ruiz won his first fight against Miguel Ramirez in March 2009.

In July 2013, he took home an unclaimed WBO Inter-Continental heavyweight title and improved an overall record of 220-0 in his fight against Joe Hanks. 

Andy Ruiz Jr. won the vacant NABF heavyweight title by the victory against Tor Hamer in November 2013.                    .

Andy continues to reside in his hometown of Imperial, California. He is married and has five kids.                                    .

After the defeat of Joshua, Andy became a media sensation. Andy appeared during talk show appearances, threw the first pitch of the Dodgers game, participated in an official parade in his hometown.

Before his first bout against Joshua, his total boxing earnings were more than $300,000. In the fight he won against Anthony Joshua, his total earnings was $7 million. 

In the December 2019 rematch, Andy Ruiz Jr. will be guaranteed $9 million before paying per-view, merchandise, or endorsements.

Anthony Joshua, still considered the main draw, was guaranteed $60 million to rematch the fight.                                         .