– Ashley Judd is an American T.V. and film actress and activist for the political cause. She has an estimated net worth of 14 million dollars.

Ashley Judd's Net Worth

– While Judd is perhaps most well-known for her acting work, She has also recently started a remarkable career as an activist on the political scene.

In numerous instances, there was speculation that Ashley was thinking about an upcoming political career for herself. However, this never occurred. 

Her most famous movies include "Ruby in Paradise," "Heat," "A Time to Kill," "Kiss the Girls," "Dolphin Tale," "Olympus Has Fallen," "Divergent," and "A Dog's Way Home." 

She's also famous for her appearances in shows such as "Missing," and her role in the series brought her a Primetime Emmy Award 

– It was revealed that Judd bought a house in Kentucky.

This fell in the middle of the spectrum as house purchases for celebrities go. The house in Ashland just cost Ashley $120,000. 

– But, she likely picked the house for sentimental reasons more than anything else since it was the same home her father owned before her.

Judd herself spent a lot of time living in this house as a child 

– It covers an area of 1,400 square feet. The house has three bedrooms as well as a bathroom.