Casper Ruud is one of the most promising young players on the ATP Tour. Ruud is a Norwegian tennis player who already holds seven trophies from the tour.

Casper Ruud's Net Worth

.... including six of which were won on clay. In 2021, he achieved impressive results and made it into the top 10 in his ATP ranking.

This year Ruud has already collected $2,811,959 of prizes for his participation in numerous tournaments.                    .

Casper Ruud was born on the small, uninhabited peninsula in Snareja, Norway, on the 22nd of December 1998.                .

Then, a few years later, relatives of the following tennis player moved to Oslo, which offers excellent playing conditions for tennis. 

Casper's career got underway in the year 2015. Casper was the winner of the inaugural ITF series competitions in 2016 The same year, Casper was the first ATP challenger tournament in Seville. 

In the years following, Ruud played mainly on the Challengers, which made it to the finals but fell to his rivals.

He also was able to participate in bigger tournaments but never made it to the third round.                                      .

In 2022, Ruud made $2,811,959 winnings from 40 matches at different tournaments. We put Casper Ruud's net worth at $9700 000. 

In his professional career, Casper made $7,591,179 in cash prizes, according to the official ATP website.                                  .