The next day, after missing the Commander's final preseason game in anticipation of playing a major part in the regular season,  ...

Brian Robinson Jr. Was Shot Several Times During Robbery Attempt quarterback Brian Robinson Jr. was wounded multiple times as the victim of a prank burglary, as per NFL Media and NBC Sports Washington.

According to ESPN, a draft pick in the third round from Alabama during the season, Robinson is in stable medical condition, ....

.....with non-life-threatening injuries sustained following an apparent attempt to carjack.                             . 

A 23-year-old Robinson is in hospital after at least two shots struck his lower body during the attempted robbery, as per Tom Pelissero. The immediate future of his on-field career is not clear. 

The Commanders issued their statement: We've been informed that Brian Robinson Jr. was the victim of an attempted armed robbery or carjacking in Washington, D.C. 

Brian suffered injuries that are not life-threatening and is receiving treatment at the hospital, ....                               .

... where team members are present with the patient. We would like you to be respectful of Brian's privacy for the moment. 

Robinson has emerged as the front-runner to win Washington's top running position, despite the incumbent Antonio Gibson coming off a 1,000-yard campaign. 

He played 16 times in the Commanders the first two preseason matches, and he shifted along with Gibson as the team's primary ball-carrier through training camp.

At the very minimum, it was anticipated that he would start 2022 as a regular supplement to Gibson in the pass-and-run game.