As the 2022 NFL season draws near, Pro Football Focus took a look at potential surprise trades and cut candidates. 

Dolphins Have Reportedly "Brought Up" 1 Player's Name In Trade Talks 

Among those on the list was Miami Dolphins tight end Mike Gesicki, who broke out during the 2021 campaign.                          .

While he had his best NFL season last year, Gesicki was playing primarily as a wide receiver and not a tight end. Now in a new scheme, Gesicki could find himself on the way out.

The Dolphins, of course, would not cut Gesicki, who’s playing on a fully guaranteed franchise tag this season, but a trade isn’t out of the question.                            .

In fact, the Dolphins have “brought up” Gesicki’s name to other teams, a league source told PFF. That doesn’t mean anything will transpire, but Miami has been willing to engage in conversations.

PFF noted that Gesicki played long after the Dolphins starters were taken out of the team's last preseason game.

"And that’s because Gesicki has admitted he’s learning a new position this season," PFF said. "He previously was a big receiver. 

Now he’s a tight end, and in new head coach Mike McDaniel's offense, he’ll be expected to block."                       .

Will the Dolphins move on from Gesicki before the start of the 2022 season?                                        .