After three years with the NFL, Shaquem Griffin officially announced his retirement on Wednesday on the Players Tribune. 

Former Seahawks Shaquem Griffin Announces His Retirement from NFL 

Former Seahawks, along with the Dolphins linebacker, was an instant hit in the college game and in the NFL for an amputee who didn't have a hand. 

In his blog, the author talks about how he played professional football with his twin brother Shaquill Griffin was his second option.

"The moment has arrived for me to step down from playing professional soccer," He wrote in his blog post. "It's the right time to follow my plan, A." 

"...I am aware of the positive impact I'm having on other people's lives," Griffin continued.                         .

"I'm talking at universities and colleges, speaking to football teams, and giving presentations for corporate America about never doubting your abilities and never stopping to pursue your goals. 

Companies would like to listen to my thoughts even though they know I have so much to learn from them. It's crazy." 

Griffin was a top performer at UCF and was picked by the Seahawks in the fifth round of the 2018 NFL draft. Seattle picked his brother before the draft, and were teammates until 2020. 

In Seattle, Shaquem Griffin appeared in 48 games, and he started one of them after KJ Wright was injured. An injury. 

In his career, he recorded 25 tackles and a sack before being eliminated in 2020He switched between the practice squad and the roster and joined the Dolphins but did not play in an NFL game. 

In the final paragraph of his post, he posted a straightforward message to his brother as he sets off on the next chapter of his journey, which begins at 27.

"I'm going to build something new to complete what Dad always instructed us to do, leaving the world in a better condition than when we arrived," he said.