Gabrielle "Gabbie" Hanna is a famous American Internet social media star, musician, and singer. 

Gabbie Hanna Net Worth 

She became famous through videos on platforms like Vine and YouTube before releasing her first song, " Out Loud", in 2017.  

The album she released her debut record, Trauma Queen, was released on July 22 2022.Hanna has also released two New York Times Best Sellers  poetry collections, Adultolescence & Dandelion.

Hanna was born on February 7, 1991, in New Castle, Pennsylvania. Her siblings include six. She is of Lebanese, French as well as Polish origin.

In 2013, Hanna completed her studies at The University of Pittsburgh with an undergraduate degree in communication and psychology.  

After graduation, she was employed by a marketing firm that sold its products through Sam's Club; she was named the company's highest-rated selling agent within the U.S. 

She left the site after realizing they were relying on a scam called a pyramid. Hanna began uploading her skits on Vine in the latter part of 2013 

In 2014, she set up the YouTube channel with her name, The Gabbie Show, which was changed to Gabbie Hanna in 2017.  

It was officially released on May 15, 2020. On October 13, 2020, Hanna published a new collection of poems, Dandelion (2020), named for one of her debut EP Bad Karma tracks.

In celebration of New Year 2022, Hanna returned to social media and released "Rewired", the first single from her forthcoming album.

Gabriel Hanna is a profoundly outstanding American Internet Personality, Comedian-actor, author and singer-songwriter from Pennsylvania with an estimated net worth of $2 million in August 2022. 

Her main YouTube channel earns between $2.37K between $7.33K. As an actor, she earns between $20K and $214K.