The estimated net worth of Gustavo Arnal is at least $5.52 million as of August 16 2022. 

Gustavo Arnal Net Worth & Biography 

Mr Arnal has more than 55,013 shares from Bed, Bath & Beyond stock valued at more than $2,204,067. In the last three years, he was able to sell BBBY stocks worth more than $1,403,932. 

Additionally, he earns $1,910,024 working as Exec. V.P. & CFO at Bed, Bath & Beyond.                                               .

Mr. has executed more than four trades in his Bed, Bath & Beyond stock in 2021 as per form 4 filed with the SEC.                 .

Recently, he sold 55,013 shares of BBBY shares worth $1,403,932 on August 16, 2022.                                             .

His most considerable trade was to sell 51.013 Bed Bath & Beyond stock on August 16, 2022, which was worth more than $1,403,932. 

On average, Mr has traded about 7,322 units every 35 days since 2019. Gustavo Arnal is the Exec. V.P. & CFO at Bed, Bath & Beyond. 

As of August 16, 2022, he still held at least 255,396 units of the Bed Bath & Beyond inventory.                                  .

As the Exec. CFO and V.P. At Bed, Bath & Beyond, the total compensation of Mr Arnal as the CFO of Bed, Bath & Beyond is $1,910,024. 

Five top executives from Bed, Bath & Beyond receiving more money, including Mark Tritton, have the highest salary of $13,764,400.