Iran took a US-made maritime drone. This incident has escalated a standoff between Iran and the US. 

Iran Again Confiscated Us Maritime Drone

According to the US, Iran has seized another of its maritime drones. Iran had already confiscated US maritime drones before this 

Despite the progress made in the Iran nuclear deal, a surprising incident has emerged.                                        .

According to AP's report, Iran had seized a US maritime drone for some time. Iran also confirmed the news. His navy has taken two drones. 

Timothy Hawkins was the US Navy's Middle East-based 5th Fleet spokesperson. He provided information on Friday. 

Iran's state television displayed drone images on the deck, which its soldiers viewed. This is not the first time Iran has taken US drones 

Recent reports from the US Navy's 5th Fleet in the Middle East stated that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard had taken a US-made maritime drone in the Persian Gulf. 

This drone was abandoned later. On Tuesday, Commander Timothy Hawkins, a Fleet spokesperson, stated that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard tried to seize its drone Seldron Explorer.

According to AP, the Iranian Army, i.e. The Revolutionary Guard vessel took a US-made maritime drone and confiscated it. 

The Jahan of the US Navy and its helicopter landed near the Iranian ship.                                           .