Irv Gotti is an American hip-hop artist and R&B record producer with a net worth of $22.5 million. He is best known as the co-founder & CEO of Murder Inc.

Irv Gotti's Biography and Net Worth 

But, Gotti has also worked extensively as a DJ and record producer, assisting in making various top-of-the-line records throughout the decades.

He has worked with many famous artists like Ashanti, Ja Rule, Jennifer Lopez, Jay-Z, DMX, Kanye West, and many more. 

Irving Domingo Lorenzo Jr. was born on the 26th of June, 1970, at Hollis, New York City. He grew up with his brother Chris, and they later created Murder Inc. together. 

Irv Gotti's home was a thriving source of fresh talent for hip-hop in the 90s. Gotti became an emerging producer and came out with "The Natural" in 1995, Mic Geronimo. 

Irv is also a seasoned music executive, adept at the business side of music. Besides all these achievements, Gotti is also active in the world of television & has created the popular BET show "Tales."

Irv likely reached his peak in the 90s. However, the musician continues to produce music today. Furthermore, Gotti is well-known for his legal issues and controversy over the decades.

Like many other people in the hip-hop scene, He has fought with famous people like 50 Cent and many others.

There is also speculation that he may have a lengthy criminal history and could not keep his head out of the water regardless of "making it famous" as a producer.

In 2022, Irv Gotti revealed via his social networks that he agreed to offer his master tapes of Murder Inc. to a company managing music known as Iconoclast if it would have a value of $300 million. 

In 2018, Irv Gotti purchased a property in Encino, California, For $3.636 million. The house was constructed one year before and was described as a home with a "farmhouse" appearance. 

In 2003, authorities began to track Irv Gotti. An investigation of the office of Murder, Inc. revealed accusations of money laundering.