TikTok star's mother, Sheri Nicole Easterling, went out with the singer at 2022's MTV Video Music Awards 28 August which sparked relationship rumors.

Is Young Gravy A Dating Adoson Rae's Mom?

The unlikely duo walked in a group on the VMAs red carpet, wearing matching outfits in lilac hues. Sheri Addison's mother, 42, was seen kissing her 26-year-old friend. .

"I am the first to notice her; she appeared to be a friend of mine & believed she was pretty. She's a Southern girl, and I'm a Northern boy, so it was adorable and pure,".

The "Betty (Get Money)" singer also revealed to the media outlet that he's "into MILFs, and she's kinda the queen of MILFs."

Sheri and Yung Gravy's debut on the red carpet is set amid the drama that surrounds Sheri and Monty Lopez -- her ex and Addison's dad. 

On 1 July, Page Six reported that Lopez was accused of not being faithful to his ex-wife. Renee Ash, 25, said she was engaged to Monty for five months, and Monty had denied the existence of his union.

Monty did not react well to the flirtations and challenged the rapper to the ring in a boxing contest. But Yung Gravy declined the invitation.

"I'm a grown man," He stated in a clip on TikTok. "I'm in no way going to fight with you about TikTok drama. 

You're one of your daughters who is one of the best around. You decide to play as if she's half her age to garner some attention while also embarrassing everyone in your family.

As you grow older, seek assistance, and, should we ever cross paths in the real world, be careful not to be a fool." 

Addison Rae's mother, Sheri Nicole Easterling, is also a popular social media influencer reminiscent of her famous daughter on TikTok. 

There are 1.1 million Instagram followers, Instagram as well as 14.2 million users on TikTok.  Yung Gravy stitched a number of her latest uploads on TikTok.     .

Amid the drama surrounding her husband, who is not in love, Sheri changed her bio on both apps to the name of "single mom."