Jennifer Coolidge, an American actress, has a net worth of $6 million.                                               .

Jennifer Coolidge's Net Worth 

Jennifer Coolidge is well-known for her roles in comedy films such as "American Pie," "Legally Blonde," and "Best in Show," among others. 

She was most well-known in the 2000s and late 1990s as "Stifler's mom," a reference to her role in American Pie.                            .

She was critically acclaimed for her role in the HBO series "The White Lotus" in 2021. Coolidge was the son of Gretchen Coolidge and Paul Coolidge. 

Coolidge made her television debut in a Seinfeld episode entitled "The Masseuse" in the mid-1990s.                                         .

After that, she was offered minor roles in movies like "A Bucket of Blood," "Plumb Fiction," and "A Night at the Roxbury."

She was also a voice in the animated comedy "King of the Hill." "Coolidge keeps her personal life entirely private.                                          .

Although she was romantically associated with Chris Kattan, other than some photos in which they were together,.............

.....she hasn't revealed any further details nor confirmed that the two were ever in a relationship.                                 .

Interviews revealed that she had been introduced to the world by her role in "American Pie," but she did not elaborate.             .

Coolidge has donated to many charities, including animal rights and AIDS research. Coolidge is passionate about animals and has a dog named Chuy.