American comedian Jimmy Kimmel has a net worth above $50 million.                                           .

Jimmy Kimmel's Net Worth 

What is Jimmy Kimmel's annual salary as Jimmy Kimmel Live host? $15 million.                                                 .

Jimmy Kimmel is most well-known for hosting "Jimmy Kimmel Live," a late-night comedy talk show, for which he makes a $15 million annual salary. 

Since 2003, he has been hosting the show. He was previously a co-host of "The Man Show" and a sidekick for "Win Ben Stein's Money." 

His start in showbiz was on the radio. Jimmy is the owner of several homes in Los Angeles.                                         .

Jimmy bought a house one block from Hermosa Beach's beachfront in California for $2.175million.                          .

In 2014, he bought a second house in Hermosa for $2.25million. He eventually deeded the home to his sister.                                          .

He spent $8.2 Million on a Hermosa home in 2018. This is the current home, which measures only 2,200 square feet. 

According to the plans, a future home may be up to 20,000 square feet.                                                .

Jimmy is the owner of a $7.1million two-parcel home in Hollywood Hills, just outside Hermosa. It overlooks the Chateau Marmont.