Kenneth Starr is an American educator, attorney, and former judge of the federal court with an estimated fortune of $3 million. 

Ken Starr's Net Worth 

In 1946 Ken Starr attended Harding University and then George Washington University in Vernon, Texas                             .

He earned the master's program in educational studies in the department of education at Brown University and his law degree from Duke. 

Psoriasis was the only thing that stopped Starr from being called to in the Vietnam War. Starr was an attorney clerk before becoming an attorney general U.S. Attorney General advisor in the 1980s. 

In 1983, Starr was nominated 1983 as a federal judge in D.C. by Ronald Reagan. He was there until 1989 when he was appointed U.S. Solicitor General in 1993.                                      .

Starr was not granted an appointment to his place on the U.S Supreme Court in 1990. Starr received a task in various federal investigations in the following calendar year. 

He looked into the death of Vince Foster. White House counsel Vince released his findings in 1997. Foster also delved into  background that led to Bill Clinton relating to Monica Lewinsky scandal.

The investigation findings have been credited with launching impeachment proceedings against the president.               .

After quitting his post, Starr began teaching at several universities before becoming dean of Pepperdine's Law school. 

In 2010, he was named the president of Baylor University in Texas.                                                                                            .

Starr is frequently involved in death penalty cases investigating whether or not criminals who have been convicted are currently on death row. Starr has been married to Alice Mendell since 1970.