King Charles is  Constitutional Monarch of 16 realms of the 53-member Commonwealth of Nations, Head of Commonwealth & Supreme Governor of Church of England.

King Charles's Net Worth

He is the oldest son of the late Queen Elizabeth 2 and Prince Philip, Duke Edinburgh.                                              .

Charles was worth $100 million when he became King. Charles, King of England, has a net worth of $600million                             .

Charles was a trusted member that managed real estate in the Duchy of Cornwall. He earned most of his income before he became King.  

This trust was created in 1337 to provide income for the Prince of Wales, his family, and other members.                                  .

The eldest son of the reigning monarch inherits the Duchy of Cornwall.                                           .

The estate includes cottages, country manors, and barns converted into homes. It also has rental properties.                     .

Charles typically receives between $20 and $30 million annually from the trust through rents or agricultural sales. 

He has given more than $72.5 Million in grants over the last ten years. Charles receives around $20 million from the Crown Estate. 

The Duchy of Lancaster is another real estate portfolio producing around $30 million in annual income.