American actor Michael Keaton has a net worth of over $40 million.                                                                     . 

Michael Keaton's Net Worth 

Michael spent $1.5million on the house near Santa Barbara in California in 1989.                                                      .

In 2011, he sold the house for $3.1 million. He bought another property in Santa Barbara for $5M in 2016.                              .

In 2018, he sold the 20-acre Summerland ranch estate for $8.72million.                                                 .

Keaton spent $1.3million on a large house in LA's Pacific Palisades area in 1987.                                         .

This property is still his. While most of his actual property portfolio is in California, Michael Keaton also has a ranch on 1,000+ acres in Montana. 

Keaton was paid $5 million for his 1989 film "Batman," or $10 million today.                                           .

The 1992 sequel to the film allowed him to reprise his role, and he was paid an outrageous $11 million.                       .

This amount is equivalent to around $20 million today's dollars. Warner Bros. offered him $15 million, despite his refusal to appear in the proposed film. 

These numbers were almost unheard of in that era. The salary was approximately $28 million today.                                    .