Being a mother is a wonderful experience but also very challenging 

Mother of 16 children, Pregnant for 14 years consecutively 

Today, women only want one or two children to ensure their bodies are not overloaded and they can still fulfill their mothers' duties. 

A woman from America loves to be a mom again and again. She has already given birth to 16 children, and her 17th child is on the way. 

According to media reports, Carlos, who is 39, is the husband of Patty Hernandez, 40 years old, who lives in North Carolina 

Patty Hernandez is currently pregnant with her 16th child. All children are named with the letter "C" in honour of Carlos Hernandez.

According to the woman, her husband cared for the children and the house and ran a cleaning business.

Surprised to learn that Patty has been continuously pregnant for 14 years. Every year, she gives birth to one child. There are 6 boys, 10 daughters and 6 twins in total.

The woman stated that she was 13 weeks pregnant. A checkup revealed that she would give birth to a boy.

Patty stated that she would like to see 20 children. All her children travel with her in a minibus. 

Each week, Rs 70,000 is spent on family food. Most of it is used to buy lunches to take to school.                                    .