American space agency NASA has found evidence on Mars that it was once a planet filled with water on the Red Planet.  

Nasa Rover Traces Of Water On Mars Rocks 

Stones that may hold traces of life were found inside the Jezero crater on Mars.                                   .

The stones are said to be transformed by water and lead them to think they are right that the Red Planet was, at one time, a water-based world              

The rocks are being preserved by a robot and are preparing for a journey to Earth. The details about this have been published in the report of Newsweek. 

The report claimed that NASA had chosen specifically the site for landing the Perseverance rover to be located inside Jezero Crater.  

In reality, it's the largest crater at 45 km, situated at the western end of Isidis Planitia.                                  .

It lies slightly to the north of the equator of Mars and is flat and plain. NASA is determined to explore the history of the lakes and rivers.  

It's located approximately 2300 miles (3,700 kilometers) far from the Curiosity landing site of the rover in Gale Crater.  

The study concluded that the rocks are sulfates-rich and perchlorates, likely to have resulted from near-surface saline evaporation. 

A picture of the rocks was posted via Twitter on Friday by NASA's official handle. They are now visible in the river delta of the past.