Kelly Clarkson and Dolly Parton teamed up to create a touching rendition of Parton's 1980 hit song "9 to 5.

Parton and Kelly Team Up for reimagining of 9 to 5. 

This documentary, which is out on Sep 16, will revisit the classic comedy film 9 to 5 to discuss its lasting influence on amplifying feminist ideals and women's issues within mainstream media culture.

The documentary's executive producer Shane McAnally, songwriter Sasha Alex Sloan, and producer King Henry assisted the Grammy Award-winning singers with the reworked song.

The original country-tinged anthem is transformed into a dreamy, pop ballad by the song. It highlights Parton's struggles and pain. 

Parton stated that Kelly Clarkson sings better than anyone else in a statement about the track.                                     .

She makes every song come alive. "9 to 5" is my favorite song; she sings it so well that I was proud to sing along with her. 

Clarkson expressed her joy at collaborating with the legendary county musician in a separate statement.                   .

"It was an honor to be asked by Dolly to help her reimagine the iconic song "9 to 5".                                              .

She said she is so talented and inspiring to all women. "She is also one of the sweetest people I will ever meet."                      .

"I hope you like what we did. But even if not, remember that I sang a duet along with Dolly Parton and now have bragging rights until the end of the world!"  .

The documentary premiered at SXSW on March 12. Variety has already praised the film as both amusing and provocative.      .