Plex is a data breach victim; an unidentified third party gains access to email addresses, usernames, and more. 

Plex is a data breach victim; an unidentified third party 

Plex has sent its users an email informing them of a security issue it discovered. While the email's subject line is a reference to the possibility of a "potential vulnerability to data", 

.....the body is filled with information about the suspicious activity and a third-party having access to an existing database.

The company claims that the information exposed contained usernames, emails, and encrypted passwords. While all passwords were secure and encrypted, the passwords were not encrypted. 

Most Plex users must change their security credentials in the absence because of the "abundance of security". 

Within the message, Plex states: "We wish to remind you of an incident that affected your Plex account information that occurred yesterday. 

Although we believe that the real consequences of this incident are small, we would like to ensure you have the correct information and tools to ensure your account is safe".

Flex Ltd. (previously known as Flextronics International Ltd. or Flextronics) is an American Singaporean-domiciled multinational diversified manufacturing company. 

The company is the third largest worldwide Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS), Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) firm in terms of revenues. 

Flex's headquarters are in Singapore, while its administrative functions headquarters are in San Jose, California. Flex has manufacturing facilities across 30 countries, with 160,000 employees. 

Beckman began a lawsuit in early 2001 and sought $2.2 million in compensation. These were listed as the expenses of having to rebuild one of its facilities to make circuit boards on its own. 

After the court trial, Flextronics made a settlement of $23million for damage.                                  .