Prince Andrew, has been accused by Virginia Giuffre of child sexual abuse. He was allegedly trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein, a financier and sex offender. 

Prince Andrew's Net Worth

It led to a settlement between Giuffre and Andrew, paying eye-watering amounts to avoid trial.                                    .

You might believe that the poor Prince is bankrupt because of all the money and, we presume, the vast bills at Pizza Express. 

According to Celebrity net Worth, Prince Andrew's estimated net worth is $5 million (PS4million) as of 2022.                                .

There were many titles that the Queen's son had: His Royal Highness, Freeman of York, Colonel of Grenadier Guards, and Patron of English National Ballet. 

He's now lost them all over Epstein's links, so Andrew has only one shot at a title.                                             .

A song in his honor, "Prince Andrew Is a Sweaty N*nce" by The Kunts, reached the UK Top 20 during the Jubilee.             .

Also, he's been removed from public duties as a Royal, which means that his large tax-free salary of approximately PS250,000 received from the Royal Family is now gone.

He still has the luxury of a seven-bedroom lodge in Switzerland while he lives in an English country mansion.               .