According to Celebrity Net Worth, Queen Elizabeth II had a net worth of $600 million at the time she died. 

Queen Elizabeth-II Net Worth 

Forbes previously reported that the Queen's wealth was linked to her substantial collections of art and jewelry and a pair of private properties, including Sandringham House & Balmoral Castle .

Parade reports that Sandringham is valued at $65 million and Balmoral Castle at $140 million, respectively.                          .

Twenty-five percent of the Crown Estate income is paid to the Queen annually. The portfolio includes residences worth $28 billion.

Forbes published data for 2020. It noted that the Crown Estate earned more than $475million in profits and netted the royal family approximately $120 million.

Parade reports that Queen Elizabeth has also been enriched by the inheritances of family members who died too young. 

This includes $94 million that the Queen Mother received from her estate in 2022 (from art and Faberge eggs to horses and jewelry).

The estate of Prince Philip, her husband, who died in April 2021, provided the bulk of the $30 million.                               .

Parade reports that Elizabeth II also benefited financially from the "Privy Purse," a collection of landholdings from Lancaster handed down to each sovereign. 

It covers 45,700 acres of land in England. Town & Country noted that this was a significant source of income for Queen Elizabeth II, with $30 million in profits in 2020.