Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is looking for a guaranteed agreement, like Deshaun Watson's one. 

Ravens Lamar Jackson Declined $250 Million Deal 

The two sides have concluded their talks as the season gets underway.                                               .

However, reports have emerged in which the Baltimore Ravens offered quarterback Lamar Jackson $250 million per article. 

Jackson was not a fan of the contract since Jackson continues to offer an unconditionally guaranteed contract exactly like Cleveland Browns Deshaun Watson received. 

The deal was guaranteed at $133 at the very least; that's more guaranteed cash than the amount Russell Wilson or Kyler Murray had signed for. 

In the year that Watson signed a fully-guaranteed five-year contract with the Browns and set a precedent for other players to ask for fully guaranteed contracts similar to the one Watson signed.

Owners across the league did not like the Browns to make the change.                                              .

Jackson will be playing on his fifth-year contract starting in 2022. If he does, the Ravens will have the option for him to be franchise-tagged for the next two seasons. 

The two sides will likely reach a compromise before both are implemented.                                                .

It is fascinating to observe the former MVP staying to his word in negotiations as an agent of his own.                                          .