Russell Simmons is an American record businessman and executive with a fortune in the region of $340million. Simmons is well-known for his work in world of music.

Russell Simmons Biography & Net Worth 

He co-founded the legendary record label Def Jam Records and served as the CEO of Rush Communications, Inc.

Russell Simmons was born in the Queens Borough in New York on the 4th of October, 1957.                               .

He was brought up in Maryland through his father, an administrative assistant at the public schools, and his mother, a parks administrator. 

Russell Simmons connected with Kurt Walker to record a track known as "Christmas Rappin." Through smart promoting choices, Russell Simmons managed to get a recording deal with Blow, the label. 

After the single was sold for more than 500,000 units, Simmons dropped out of college to pursue full-time opportunities in the field of music. 

While LL Cool J helped Def Jam make its first steps toward success, subsequent signings proved more lucrative.

The Beastie Boys became a worldwide phenomenon after they released The Beastie Boys' Licensed to Kill through Def Jam. 

Six years later, Rusell Simmons sold half of the label to Polygram for $33 million. Two years later, Rick Rubin sold his Company shares for $20 million to Universal Music Group. 

In 1999, Simmons was able to sell the remaining shares of Def Jam Seagram 1999 for $ 130 million. Def Jam is continuing to have a significant influence on the hip-hop scene.

Russell Simmons started three clothing brands: Phat Farm, ArgyleCulture, & Tantris. Phat Farm became immensely popular due to the hip-hop revival & was  sold to Kenwood in 2004 for $140 million. 

In 2017, a model called Keri Claussen Khalighi alleged Russell Simmons of raping her in the year 1991. Khalighi was just 17 at the time.                          .