The Weeknd is a Canadian musician and producer. The Weeknd has an estimated net worth of $300 million. 

The Weeknd Net Worth 

After getting into the music industry through YouTube, The Weeknd is among the most well-known faces in the Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B music genre. His distinctive style of music makes him stand out.

He has sold over 70 million albums within the United States alone and has been awarded numerous awards, including a number of Grammys 

Outside of music, The Weeknd has also been involved in numerous business ventures.                                       .

The Weeknd is today one of the highest-paid entertainers around the world. When the singer is on tour, The Weeknd can easily earn $90 million before taxes. 

Between June 2017 and June 2018, the singer earned a staggering $90 million. Between June 2018 to June 2019, The Weeknd made 40 million from his diverse ventures.

In December 2019, The Weekend purchased a penthouse in Los Angeles overlooking the Beverly Hills Country Club for $21 million 

The HOA's monthly fee for the building is $6,800. Before moving to LA, the man lived in a triplex apartment in New York City that cost $60,000 per month.

The Weeknd was previously the owner of a three-acre estate in Hidden Hills, California, which was bought for $18 million in June 2017.

In June 2020, he put up the property for sale at $25 million. The home was sold at the end of April 2021 Madonna for $20 million.

 In August 2021, the Wall Street Journal reported that The Weeknd had bought $70 million of a mansion in Los Angeles' Bel Air neighborhood.