Timmy Trumpet is an Australian musician, DJ, songwriter, and record producer. 

Timmy Trumpet Net Worth 

He is well-known globally for his live performance of the Trumpet and also for incorporating jazz elements into the world of dance music. 

In 2019, Trumpet was the only trumpeter to perform in zero-gravity in a collaboration forged between the European Space Agency and BigCityBeats 

In September 2022, the net worth of Timmy Trumpet was estimated to be around $4 million.                                              .

Timothy Jude Smith was born in Sydney, Australia, on June 9, 1982. Timothy started playing the Trumpet at a very young age, being taught by his father 

At thirteen, Timothy was named 'Young Musician of the Year before receiving an all-inclusive award to attend the Conservatorium of Music 

– He was coached under the guidance of Anthony Heinrich of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Timmy Trumpet plays energetic house music that is progressive and is often accentuated by the Trumpet.

– He started playing the Trumpet at the age of four. He initially went to the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, where he received classical lessons.

– After being exiled for a prank, the school he attended was an unnamed public high school, where he was more involved in jazz.

In 2001, he began promoting himself with the name "Timmy Trumpet," combining his skills as a trumpeter and D.J. and a sound that was a hit with audiences in places like E.D.M.