Last month, two US senators were angry about the appearance of a bulldozer in the India Day Parade in Edison, New Jersey. 

US Senator Angry For Bulldozer Protests at India Day Parade 

Both senators have expressed their condemnation of the act. The Senate offices of senators Bob Menendez and Cory Booker met with representatives of the American Muslim Council of Indian descent CAIR.

The protesters have been protesting the bulldozer protest in Edison City. Muslim groups claim that the bulldozer is an emblem of hate crime 

They say they believe that Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath uses these devices to target a certain group of people.

"This week, our office met with members and leaders of the South Asian community," Menendez and Booker declared in a joint statement.

They were extremely hurt by the presence of a bulldozer at the India Day parade in Edison in July.                     .

Bulldozers have been an image of terror for Muslims and other religious minorities in India.                                  .

A bulldozer that contained photos from the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh was displayed during the India Day parade at Oak Tree Road on August 14.

Edison, The Mayor of Edison, Sam Joshi, condemned it.                                                                                                             .

He also condemned the Indian Business Association, the organization behind the event, and apologized.