It is reported that the US Space agency NASA has once again stopped their moon space mission Artemis-1.

Why is NASA's Artemis-I not being Launched?

1NASA has announced that the two previous unsuccessful launches will be examined.                                    .

The rocket was originally scheduled to launch at 11:47 pm on September 3. However, it's been delayed.                       .

In reality, on August 29, the launch was canceled because the third engine failed in the rocket, and the launch could not occur because of a technical issue within the rocket.

Over the next several days, teams will access the leak area at Launch Pad 39B," NASA said in its announcement. 

We will conduct a schedule assessment to collect additional information in parallel to help aid in this.                  .

NASA postponed the launch two times in five days due to a fuel leak. Moon rocket launch, error detected just before flight. 

On the second launch attempt, there was a leak in the ground and rocket sides plates, which surrounds the 8-inch line used to inflate and take hydrocarbon liquid from the SLS rocket, NASA said. 

He claimed that three attempts to re-insert the seal failed. But the rocket was safe .                                    .

The task of NASA is part of the huge project of sending astronauts to the Moon and Mars                                        .