Vanessa Bryant, late NBA legendary Kobe Bryant widow, who was killed in a fatal helicopter accident together with their teenage daughter Gianna in the year 2020 

Vanessa Bryant Awarded $16 Million

She was given $16 million as damages by Los Angeles County stemming from images of the crash scene taken by the first-responders according to the NBC News report.

The suit was brought on behalf of Vanessa Bryant and Chris Chester, whose wife and daughter were also killed in the crash. 

The lawsuit was filed after the revelation that Los Angeles County employees had published and shared unauthorized photographs of the impact, including human remains. 

They sought an undisclosed sum of tens of millions of dollars for compensation for distress caused by emotional and infringements of privacy.  

After deliberating for an estimated forty-five and half hours, the jury handed Bryant the sum of $16 million and Chester 15 million. 

Mira Hashmall, one of the lawyers who represented LA County in the case, criticized the verdict but pointed out that the jury had given each plaintiff significantly less than they had sought:.

"While we do not agree with the jury's conclusions concerning the County's liability, we believe that the financial award indicates ...

...that jurors didn't consider the evidence to support the plaintiffs' demand for $75 million to ease psychological distress."  

Nine people died in the horrific crash, and the attorneys for Bryant and Chester claimed that they were suffering additional emotional trauma after discovering that some LA County firefighters 

On her own, Vanessa Bryant took to social media to applaud the verdict, claiming it was a victory for both her wife and daughter. 

"All for you!" I cherish you! Justice to Kobe as well as Gigi!" Final proceedings in the trial began on August 23, the day that would have been Laker star's 44th birthday.