Why Did Feist Quit The Arcade Fire Tour?

Feist performs as a solo artist and is a member of Broken Social Scene. She announced her decision to leave Arcade Fire’s “We” 2022 tour. This four-month concert series features Glasgow’s OVO Hydro locations up to Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena. 

It was posted on Instagram on Thursday, September 1, 2022. Feist stated in the post she had to resign due to the latest allegations against Win Butler, Arcade Fire’s front man. Feist wrote, “To remain on tour would signify I was either defending the harm caused Win or not,” and that leaving would suggest that I was the judge/jury.

Feist Quit The Arcade Fire Tour

 I was not here to support or join Arcade Fire. “I was here to stand on my two feet on a stage. It’s where I feel at home and have earned the right to call my own.” She said that her experiences were similar to the experiences of the many people she had spoken to since Saturday’s news broke. 

“We all share a story that spans from baseline toxic masculinity to pervasive and egregious misogyny, to being physically, emotionally, or sexually assaulted.” She wrote, “This situation touches all of our lives and speaks to our individual processes in a unique language.” 

Why Did Feist Quit The Arcade Fire Tour?

There is no one way to heal from the traumas of past experiences or to help the perpetrators. It cannot be easy to understand the effects of ill-treatment. It is impossible to solve this by quitting. 

I cannot solve it by staying. But I can’t keep going.” Four different individuals have made allegations of sexual misconduct against Win Butler. Three women claim that they had sexual encounters with Win, which were marked by negative power dynamics. 

The interactions occurred between 2016 and 2020, when they were 18 and 23 years old, via Pitchfork. The win was in his late thirties when the incident occurred. A fourth individual who uses they/them pronouns claims that Win sexually assaulted him twice.

Win released a statement saying that while these relationships were all mutually beneficial, she was very sorry for any hurt caused by her behavior. “If—ed up. While that is not an excuse, it will allow me to continue looking forward and healing what can be done and learning from past experiences.”

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